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Financial Coaching

Balance Your Checkbook, Balance Your Life

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Looking For A Financial Coach?

Looking For A Financial Coach?

If you're finding yourself needing "something extra" to finally get over the hump and on the path to being truly financially free, you need a Financial Coach. Many people find themselves with this dilemma: building for the future vs. dealing with the same financial issues, month after month. You want to live out of your possibilities, not necessarily out of your history. Perhaps you're afraid personal coaching won't work for you, that you're doomed to "living on the edge" for the rest of your life. Relax ... and gear up to go! You now have a coach with the heart of a teacher.

What is Financial Coaching?

First, I'll help determine who you are, what you really want, and help lay out a path to get you there! Over the years, I've coached lots of families: folks just like you through any personal financial or career situation you may find yourself, from basic to complex, stressful to "we just want to do much better", crisis to wealth building, couples or singles. Your sessions may be face-to-face or by phone if you find it difficult to meet in person. Unlike most Personal Financial Advisors and Planners I don't sell investments, insurance or other financial products. This leaves me free to be entirely objective with my advice, with only your best interest in mind.

Benefits of Financial Coaching!

First and foremost, Financial Coaching offers HOPE!! At a time when you need it most, hiring a financial coach can get you on your way to Financial Freedom! Not only can you expect to get out of debt, I will help you develop a plan to pay your debt off in the least amount of time possible. Most people can be out of debt in as little as 18 months. Financial Coaching provides solutions NOT including bankruptcy, and learning how to deal with creditors. You will learn and understand your legal rights when it comes to debt collection. Learn how to deal with those annoying calls from debt collectors, they can and will try to take advantage of you. Your best defense against them is KNOWLEDGE!! Together, we will develop a plan based on your individual needs.

Change Your Family Tree!

No "Cookie-Cutter Budgets" here. You will have a plan that is easy to use and easy to adapt when needed. You also benefit from the experience of someone who's been using this plan for over ten years and helped many others achieve the same success with their budget. If you dream of becoming a homeowner, or you are behind on your mortgage payments, Financial Coaching empowers you. You'll gain the knowledge, tools and skills to navigate these tumultuous waters, as well as plan for large purchases like buying a house, a car, paying for a wedding, or college tuition. Learn how much money you should be paying for Insurance: Life, Home, Auto, Health and Disability. *I do not sell any of these products, so I can give you completely unbiased advice. Stop repeating the same mistakes over and over! Give your kids the gift of learning how to manage money! CHANGE YOUR FAMILY TREE!!

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